Save the date – April 20 Burma in Transition at ILC

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Maple Sugaring at Neighborhood House’s Nature Center

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Guidance for achieving self-reliance for urban #refugees from @wrcommission

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Thank Yous

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I received an email from a former student that I taught about 8 years ago at what is now the Literacy Network in Madison. He was reflecting on how much school and his teachers had influenced his life. It was wonderful to hear that he is now a programs director at a non-profit agency. Sometimes I get so caught up in the struggles of daily non-profit management that it is easy to forget why I do this to begin with. I thank Mario for taking the time to tell me thank you and urge you to reach out to someone who has made a difference in your life.
That said, I thank Dr. Gao, Greg, Jen, Marilyn and Richard for your influence on my life.

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This is what it’s all about!

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Anna and Janai

Yesterday we had a celebration for our students who became citizens in 2011.  This picture is of me and one of my first students at ILC.  Three of my students from January 2005 were at the celebration.  I am very proud of these students and their accomplishments.

About 30 citizens and their family members came for lunch.  Cambridge University Press, publisher of the Ventures series,  sponsored the lunch.  We also received a donation from a volunteer.  Reema Ahmad from Project Mobilize spoke to the attendees about registering to vote and helped 5 people register to vote.  She is a deputy registrar in Milwaukee County.

Becoming a citizen is a journey.  These individuals studied English, writing, history and civics.  All of this in addition to working and raising children.  I applaud their efforts and the support of teachers, volunteers, friends and family members who helped them.  This is what it’s all about!

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CBS News Story about Refugees in GA

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Save the Date – November 18, RAIN IN A DRY LAND

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ILC Partners in Bold Initiatives

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